Steve Roberts

‘The Cockney Detective’

Entertaining Speaker

Steve is a former Scotland Yard detective who was brought up in London’s East End and despite requests from senior officers for him to refine his accent by attending elocution lessons, he kept his cockney tones. This resulted in him keeping the essence of who he is, a very natural guy who now enjoys entertaining audiences with his cockney wit and charm.

In his talks he shares many personal experiences, highlighting the highs and lows of police work, from the pain suffered when bitten on the backside by a police dog to the jubilation felt when rescuing a hostage in a kidnap investigation. All this certainly lived up to the Metropolitan Police’s recruiting slogan, ‘Dull it isn’t’ and on retiring Steve can confirm that ‘Dull it certainly wasn’t’.

He now delivers informative, entertaining and after-dinner talks to a variety of different audiences including; The Rotary, University of the Third Age, Probus Groups, Women’s Institute, Townswomen’s Guild, National Trust and many other social and community groups.

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