About Steve

Steve was brought up in Stepney, the heart of London’s East End. An area once renowned for crime, poverty and jellied eels. Realising his dream of playing professional football for West Ham United was doomed to failure because of a lack of any footballing ability, he concentrated his efforts on becoming a professional speedway rider for the Hackney Hawks. Sadly, he spent more time sliding round corners on his backside than on his motorbike. This prompted him to look for a safer occupation and so began working as an insurance clerk. The work was tedious, although the filing became a lot easier once he mastered the alphabet.

After an uneventful few years of checking proposal forms, issuing new policies and seeking a new challenge, he was encouraged by his father, a serving police officer, to join the Metropolitan Police. On his first day he thought he had made a grave mistake when en route to the training school, he read that over 300 officers were injured at the Notting Hill riots the previous day. As a gush of fear and hesitancy flowed through his veins and with the words ‘Oh, what have I done now’ echoing through his thoughts, he surprisingly decided to remain in the police service.

Somewhat disappointedly, Steve was posted to Leman Street Police Station in London’s East End, barely half a mile from where he was brought up. As he had been expecting to pound the beat and explore more fashionable areas in London, he queried the decision with a senior officer, only to be told he would be able to speak to the locals in their own language.

Over the next 30 years the adventure of life in the police service unfolded with all its excitement, successes and disappointments. He served as a detective working in East and South East London and had several exciting and challenging postings to some of New Scotland Yard’s specialist investigation units, including the Homicide Squad, Flying Squad and the Kidnap & Specialist Investigation Unit. In his wildest dreams he never thought he would progress from walking the beat in Whitechapel to undertaking enquiries in far away places such as Beijing, Bangkok and Los Angeles. He is extremely grateful for all the diverse opportunities that came his way.

On retiring from the police service, Steve began regaling some of his interesting, exciting, and light-hearted anecdotes at Toastmasters’ speaking clubs, a worldwide organisation dedicated to the art of public speaking. To enhance his easy-going speaking style, he speaks at storytelling events and performs stand-up comedy in London and the South East. He is regularly entertaining audiences and with his latest talk ‘Protecting Yourself against Scams,’ this is his small contribution for making a difference in the local community and keeping in touch with the public.

Please visit the “Talks” page for more information.

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