Tales of a Scotland Yard Detective

An informative & entertaining talk on how Steve became a detective in London’s East End and an insight into combatting armed robberies with the Flying Squad and the rescue of hostages with the Kidnap Unit & Specialist Investigation Unit.

Tales of a Scotland Yard Detective – Part 2

An informative & entertaining talk on the diverse adventures of a ‘Bobby on the Beat’ from helping school kids across the road one day to dodging bottles, stones and cans at a riot the next day.

Protecting Yourself Against Scams & Fraud

With scams & fraud accounting for nearly half of all crime, Steve presents an informative and interactive talk, aimed at making people more aware of the many different types of scams and the necessary precautions to prevent them from becoming a victim of crime.

Shopping Safely

An informative talk encouraging people to be more aware of their vulnerabilities when out shopping or engaged in on-line shopping and the essential safeguards necessary to keep safe.

History of the Flying Squad

An informative talk on the Flying Squad, who are often referred to as the ‘Sweeney.’ From its beginning in 1919, when the detectives were tearing around London in horse drawn wagons combatting the serious increase in crime after the First World War to investigating multi-million pound armed robberies.

The Extraordinary Life of Frederick Porter Wensley

Arguably the most influential detective officer of the 20th century. Promoted through the ranks from Police Constable to Chief Constable, Criminal Investigation Department, New Scotland Yard. As a young constable he was assigned to assist in the Jack the Ripper murder investigations, and as a tough dedicated detective he was engaged in many well-known major investigations. He was the first detective to be awarded the King’s Police Medal.

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